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Update; Commissions closed, where to get art and what am I up to?

Posted by BlveJay - August 9th, 2020

Hey everyone!

I have decided to close commissions for now, I have some personal projects I want to spend time on, and I have had no free time to work on them. I'm feeling a burnout coming, so better to take a break and reopen later in the year! This does not, however, mean I won't be posting. I have a huge queue of finished art ready to post, and I will be working on personal things that will pop up every now and then too! My presence won't change all that much ^^

If you were wanting to get art from me, and now can't, don't panic! For one, I will be reopening near the end of the year, and I do still have some opportunities open for ways to get art from me.

Number one, I have my patreon. I have opened up more slots for the $5 tier, which is the most inexpensive art tier, and gets one free chibi every month. I also have my $25 and $40 tiers open, which have one coloured sketch or flat coloured lined piece respectively. You can also sign up for the $1 tier and enter in a weekly contest for free art! There are a lot of perks to those tiers aside from the personal art rewards, Im just focusing on the art rewards for this post. This is both a great way to get art and a great way to support me, so please check it out if you want to; https://www.patreon.com/blvejaysart

Another thing I intend to do is make at least one YCH a month, they may be sfw or nsfw, and feel free to suggest themes here if you'd like to as well! As is on theme for me, there'll probably be a lot of solo pinups, so if that interests you, keep an eye out, and of course if it doesnt interest you, feel free to suggest things you would like to see from me down below.

I do not have a date in mind that I will be opening commissions again, but I do intend to open again in November/December. If you'd like to know what Im going to be working on keep reading, but above is all the art info for this post!

So, what will I be doing? The short answer is, a lot of stuff. At home I have resin, dolls, fur/fabric watercolours.. a lot of art and craft supplies essentially.

I want to do some doll customising to make a little Moss doll for myself, and make little fabric and polymer clay accessories and things for her. I have a personal suit Ive been needing to work on for months, as well as a head for my partner which has been sitting with the fur sewn but not glued for months as well (she looks like shes been skinned if Im honest, just the foam base with unglued fur draped over top). I have also been playing with a pattern for a plush dog I want to actually make into a real plush, instead of just a pattern, and see if I can develop that into an easy, workable pattern for myself to use. Its all theory at the moment so I am very excited about actually piecing it together and seeing how it looks, what I need to change, and what I like about it. Another thing I want to play with is my 2 part resin, and I intend to buy some UV resin and make my own charms, shakers, room decor and other accessories and things for myself and my friends. I also have so many characters of my own I want to draw, I miss spending time on them and I haven't been able to with the volume of commissions I ended up taking during the pandemic.

All in all I have put myself in a furry art box, a box which I love and appreciate, but also one I need to extend past right now before I burn myself out. I have such a craving to play with all these new materials and ideas I have, so I'm taking the chance while I have it, since I currently don't work irl due to the pandemic shutting down airports (for those who don't know, I work in an international flight lounge). I will most likely post updates of everything on facebook or twitter, so I'll leave links below there, and anything furry related will most likely end up here! I hope you all support me while I go off and have some fun with different things, and my main message I want to get across is, this is a good thing, and my commissions won't be closed forever. I love working for you, I adore my clients, friends and supporters so much, and I would never want to leave that behind. I'm just in need of a big stretch for my art muscles, hit a reset and just play with arts and crafts for myself again for a bit.

My facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/hotdogebun.....dmin_todo_tour

SFW twitter; https://twitter.com/JaybeeSFW

I put my SFW twitter because its where I'll put all my craft updates, since I don't intend on making any of my physical items NSFW ^^